Talalla Lounge Chair with Armrest & Soft Seat

Contained within the Talalla Loungechair Soft Seat is the essence of tropical rejuvenation. From the soft contours of the timber to the hand woven rattan, every element is designed to create an experience evocative of the best parts of tropical life. Ideal for indoor or semi outdoor spaces both sun-kissed and simple.

Intended environment

Indoor, Semi outdoor

Form & proportions
  • Width: 69.6 cm
  • Depth: 50 cm
  • Height: 72.5 cm
  • Seat Height: 39 cm
  • Arm Height: 53.4 cm
Materials & Finishes

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Our timber is responsibly sourced through (for example through the State Timber Corporation in Sri Lanka) which ensures quality and environmental responsibility. Our timber finishes are carefully chosen to elevate the sensual experience in each piece of furniture and we are proud to say that our finishes are certified as being harmless to you and the environment all the way from production, use and disposal. We have chosen the best finishes developed for specific environmental conditions such as indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor.


Our designs use a vairety of upholstery techniques to create comfort, practicality and style. Fabric, Leather or other materials may not be available for every piece; please choose from the our suggested options, or consult our team if you intend to provide your own fabric for covering the piece.


We are proud to say our handloomed fabric collection (it will be mentioned alongside the product when used) is all natural and made locally, using natural materials and coloring systems certified to be harmless to humans and the environment during production, use and disposal. The fabric on our furniture is smart, durable and gives us the opportunity to sustain and develop traditional craft techniques.


We use genuine leather as an accent to bring a warmth and organic sensation into our furniture. Genuine leather provides the presence, feel and experience of timeless luxury in each design. Our highest grade leather is sourced from certified European suppliers.


Rattan gives the impression of breathability and a nature-enhanced lightness to our furniture. Producing rattan out of locally grown cane is a definition of sustainability; totally renewable, our workshops support local craft culture and economy whilst incorporating tradition and artistry into our work.

Lead time & Shipping

For items that are in stock, delivery can usually be arranged in 1-2 weeks. For larger orders, or orders requiring crafting of custom pieces it typically it takes about 10-14 weeks to prepare your pieces ready for delivery, however the lead time could vary due to the scope and size of the order, delivery location and other external conditions. A delivery date will be communicated to you on confirmation of your order.

Island-wide delivery service as well as international shipping is available for all orders. Read our shipping information here.