Nine Skies Bar Cabinet

Create a bespoke masterpiece

"Owning a bespoke masterpiece is special because of its uniqueness to you and you alone. Every day our design team and craftspeople create products that transcends into a treasures that you can’t find anywhere else on earth."

Our highly professional designers and makers of these exceptional pieces work closely with you to transform your vision into something that you will love and cherish forever. All of this newness emerges from the personality and the unique aspirations of our customers. A truly one-of-a-kind piece of furniture reflects who you are, and that is the essence; the alluring idea of a bespoke masterpiece.

Conceptualised, designed and hand-crafted entirely from scratch, we take great pride in creating extraordinary bespoke furniture, lighting and interior products for your surroundings. It's time to create something special.

For designers, architects and private clients 

For designers, architects and private clients 

Draw on our complete design solutions - from creative direction for your furniture and interiors to crafting, delivery and aftercare, we help you to curate your interior to be a place of joy forever.

Are you dreaming of creating a bespoke masterpiece which will be loved and adored by generations to come? Browse through our most recent unique creations here or schedule an appointment with our team to design your unique furniture pieces. Don't know where to start? Choose from a wide range of harmonising designs and styles from our collection here that can be tailored and customised just for you.


  • Creative direction & styling
  • Bespoke or customised furniture designs
  • 3D modelling and 2D drawings
  • Project Management
  • Production / crafting of furniture
  • Delivery, installation & aftercare