Our purpose

"Only&Co. provides consultancy & creative direction for your interior projects, through designed and crafted furniture and lifestyle products."

We strive to be a benchmark of excellent, modern design and beautiful craftsmanship, creating a culture that celebrates nature, people, and sustainable living. It remains our passion to create meaningful spaces and products that beautify the world into an exceptional place for both our clients and the nature surrounding us.



Our design senses have been shaped and challenged by living and working on both mediterranean and tropical islands, where the landscape, weather, culture and traditions have influenced how we think and feel about each design and project we undertake. We enjoy combining elements of European and Asian styles, enchanted by our vision of a new ‘Island Modernism’ design fusing the best of both these worlds.What defines this for us is both style and function. The style comes from using local materials, craft and influences fused with our own contemporary language of a certain geometry, natural elements and detail. The function or use of design in the tropics and the mediterranean has much to do with practicality and comfort. These climates will always soften even the hardest features or characters. 



When we use something, we appreciate the subtleties of texture, shape, colour, even its temperature. We enjoy the comfort, utility, and sensations it provides. It is the connection with and experience of those nuances that make our designs so special.We employ craftspeople who are experts and provide them with the time and tools to do their best work. The result is furniture with an extra measure of refinement, a quality that becomes more evident with each passing day. We recognize our craftsmanship in an object’s functionality and durability. Developing craftsmanship in our work is the key to escaping those things that are less desirable in the business we’re in. It is the key to create furniture that rises above the mediocre and average, and it is key to grow as the benchmark of good, modern design and craftsmanship in Sri Lanka and the Balearic Islands, where we craft our designs locally.

Our values

We value creativity, quality, love, and nature – all of which inspires our diverse, multicultural team.


Passionately driven to create from a place of inspiration and integrity. Evolving an idea from imagination to outcomes that emotively connect people with place, product and time.


Sensuous, beautiful, sustainable. Our craftwork is among the finest on the island. We consider every texture, nuance and detail from the way it looks to how it feels.


We champion individual expression, connection between people, spaces, humans and our natural world - creating life with meaning and feeling.


Our natural world is our biggest resource. We respect our relationship with our planet and it’s resources. We are committed to sustainable practices to safeguard the future of our natural world. 

Why Only&Co.

"No other furniture designers on the island encompass the same scope and quality - from concept and craftwork to delivery and aftercare."

We focus on understanding human needs and desires and aligning this with the practicalities of craftsmanship. We think deeply about the experience of living in a space with a piece of furniture. From this we develop characteristics, features and feelings that promote a holistic experience.

What we do

What we do

We only create unique designs.The spaces around you at home or work are expressions of your personality. We work closely to define, design and craft really special pieces,  and these in turn make your spaces unique.

We only make what the world needs. Everything we create is made with its lasting use in mind and most is made to order. We strive to be a benchmark of enduring individuality in an era of mass production.

We only make sustainable decisions. Increasingly, every material we use is from a sustainable source. We go to great lengths to minimise wastage and improve the design choices.

How we do it

How we do it

We only source ethically and responsibly. You can track and trace the source of all our materials and see how little is wasted. All our furniture is designed to comply with laws and regulations around the world.

We only craft by hand. Spain and Sri Lanka, where we have our roots,  are well-known for their handcraft skills passed down through generations of artisans. We’re proud to work with some of the most talented people on these islands.

Only use the finest materials. More than being simply beautiful, we choose materials for the subtleties of their texture, colour, and feel. For us, it’s all about the quality of their connection to you.

Our team

"Only&Co. put their heart and soul into shaping our interior landscapes for the better whilst respecting the natural environment."

Our diverse team is made up of creatives, technicians, crafts people and business professionals who are passionate about designing and making beautiful interior products and curated interior spaces that will be loved for a lifetime and are aspiring to totally sustainable practices. To do this it is essential for the whole team to understand the needs and desires of our customers, and align this with the practicalities of craftsmanship. Our multicultural team strikes an inspirational balance of young talented local designers and internationally experienced business leaders. Linden and Max are creative and strategic trailblazers, pioneering a business that empowers creativity, quality, love and nature.

Linden Davies

Linden Davies


Meet Linden Davies - he has an endearing passion for design, craft art and culture. With over 20 years of professional experience in product, furniture and interior design, he works from a local perspective by striving to define what could become the epitome of design and craftsmanship in Sri Lanka while celebrating nature, people and businesses. This is what led him to start Only&Co.

Linden’s professional experience includes working with sought-after design companies including Sebastian Conran, Target Living and Ben Whistler. He has designed and brought to market hundreds of products including furniture, lighting and ceramics, as well as completing dozens of projects for hospitality, residential and F&B clients. Working alongside world-class brands, designers and architects, Linden has a broad and deep understanding of design, craft and manufacturing as well as an innate ability to inspire clients and his team. His natural instinct for business has facilitated the growth of Only&Co. in a very short time to become the leading, trusted source of well designed, high quality interior products in Sri Lanka,

In his own words, "Always pushing at the edge of what is possible and practical in design and making, I have worked tirelessly to improve the professional and technical abilities of design-led companies and teams. What we are achieving today with Only&Co. is remarkable and exciting; to be working at the forefront of design & craft innovation in any market is a professional dream come true.”

Maximillian von Stillfried

Maximillian von Stillfried


Meet Maximilian von Stillfried – the passionate businessman who brings a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm to Only&Co where his desire for ’business for good’ and love for nature and craft flow together beautifully.

After an expansive career in corporate management for high-profile businesses across Asia and Europe, Max found his calling with Only&Co. He was drawn by the raw beauty that is Sri Lanka, where the company was founded in 2014, and subsequently the mediteranian Island of Mallorca where Only&Co are now expanding.

Max’s intellect and broad vision is what drives Only&Co forward uniquely and passionately. His business organisation and expert strategy have helped shape the foundation from which Only&Co. will flourish. His entrepreneurial superpowers are felt by all who come into contact with him; from business management to inspiring the team in both a professional and personal sense, Max offers a plethora of ideas for growth.

Alongside all of Max's experience, he is continually fascinated by the idea to design spaces that inspire, energise and that are created to last – Only&Co. is the culmination of all his passions


Work with our team of designers and makers to design and craft something truly special